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Business Launch Training

 The Fast Start Business Launch: This 6-figure earner training will give you step-by-step training to get your business off the ground and profitable right from the start.
 "Sell Without Being Salesy" Training: This will teach you to how to get customers and actual business-builders in your downline without having any hype or having to be a "slick" salesman and without spamming.
 The Follow Up & Close Blueprint: People hate being nagged. They also don't like being pressured. This step-by-step blueprint is taught by our 7 Figure Earners to make sure you follow up with posture (just like the pros!) and you'll never beg, bug, or chase anyone ever again.

($1497 Value)

Attraction & Curiosity Marketing

 Attraction Marketing: The last thing we want you to do is to turn your social media into a billboard for the company. This training will show you how to create content that brings your "dream team" customers and business partners to you. Not the other way around!
 Be Your Own Brand: We want you to build YOUR brand because people join people, not businesses. You need to stand out and get people excited to work with YOU. We will show you how to do just that.
 Curiosity Marketing: It's no surprise that most uplines can't get their team to sell or recruit, THEY can't even teach them basic marketing strategies. We'll show you how to actually market without mentioning the products or company. This way you'll have more people flood your inbox ready to buy the products and join your team. This even works for those without any experience whatsoever. Say goodbye to spamming forever!

($1497 Value)

Support, Support, Support

 Help At All Levels: You'll get access to several levels of active 6 & 7 figure earners to help you build your team at every step of the way. This isn't just the basics, we're talking recruiting, marketing, mindset and leadership, plus everything in between!
 Automated Training: We get that life is hectic, so we've designed a system that reminds and prompts you when it's time to take action. Take the same daily steps as industry top earners.
 Duplicatable System: No need to recreate the wheel. We have a simple, proven system that works for marketers of all levels. Simple = effective and highly duplicatable!

($1597 Value)

Advanced MLM

 Auto-Lead & Recruiting Funnels: Pre-Built templates READY for you to use... 
The same proven ones I use...
 Automate The Rapport Building: I get it! You're busy building your business. You probably have a family to spend time with as well. This automated system will build rapport with your prospects so you don't have to waste time on the "busy work". This way you can spend time at the beach or with your kids, creating true freedom and flexibility.

($1897 Value)

Total Value: $6,488

Public: FREE (If Accepted)

 I understand that I am applying to join Paul's Network Marketing team and receive his team's systems.

Hear What Others Are Saying...

"What's It Like To Work With Paul?"


Working with Paul Koutras over the past 18 months has made building a home based business extremely duplicatable and stress-free. His knowledge base and ability to explain what he has learned is unmatched by anyone I've worked with in the past. I love knowing that if I have a question or if someone in my business has a question, I don't have to hunt down someone that might know the answer because Paul always has it. Always patient and friendly and genuinely focused on my success! 


As an entrepreneur, I am a firm believer that our coach/leader has to be someone who cares about me, really hears my “why’s” and provides the leadership and training I need to achieve my goals. Paul is such a person. He adds to that by being a great friend and caring about what’s going on in my life. Paul is the greatest leader/friend.


It is such a pleasure working with Paul Koutras. He has developed a marketing funnel for our team with everything we need to work leads and communicate with our organizations. He does team training's as well as business opportunity presentations for us. He quickly responds to questions, usually and everything he does is for the success of the team. There are no words to express how thankful I am to have the support that Paul gives us. 


Paul is a great mentor. He always responds to any questions I have and is willing to take time out of his day to help me out. He is super knowledgeable and is open to be able to attack a problem at a new angle to see what the outcome is. He makes a great addition to anyone's support team. 


Paul’s training's, words of wisdom and encouragement are a positive influence in growing my team. I finally met Paul at a convention and was greeted and treated as if he had known me for years and made me feel totally comfortable. It's great to work with someone that treats you like family! 


About 7 months ago I was fortunate enough to meet Paul Koutras! His kind and gentle nature coupled with a passion for what he does makes him unstoppable! He has taken his experience with struggles and successes in his online business and has created a incredible easy to follow 1.2.3. Go training that anyone can follow! He has a way of making you believe in yourself!! I truly believe his training and total support as a teammate are a huge reason why we are living our dream today! Thank you Paul for everything you do!!!!


Paul Koutras is not only resourceful and knowledgeable, he is also a natural born leader. His ability to motivate and empower his team to be successful is very inspiring. Paul has a goal in mind and he’s bringing his team with him. I am proud that I get to work with him and to call him my friend. 


Resilient, Caring, Creative, Optimistic, Dedicated, Goal oriented and hard working. These are just a few words to describe Paul Koutras. Paul is the go to guy to ask about business. He is a wonderful person to work with. Leadership in his blood. 

 I understand that I am applying to join Paul's Network Marketing team and receive his team's systems.

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